Miss Jeannine's love of music began at an early age surrounded by musicians.

Her family's love of playing music goes back generations to her great- grandmother playing piano for the "Talkies" silent movies, to her grandfather who toured with a swing band during high school and played his jazz guitar until he passed at 85 years old, (Yes! Very cool family history.) to her father, mother, brothers, nephews, and nieces, cousins, aunts and uncles who all play professionally. While they all love the instruments of music making, Miss Jeannine loves the writing and making up songs from scratch.

Melody and lyric writing has been her greatest talent, hence the name The Melodies! Combined with her love of kids and work as a Life Coach for children and families, (which bring Harmony to the Home!) Miss Jeannine focused her music on the littlest ones, creating The Melodies for Kids with her Grammy award winning brother jazz great, John Proulx, on gorgeous piano. 

Being a supporter of social and emotional development and a writer first and foremost, she created a whole curriculum for The Melodies album with lessons that match each song, including dance moves! (Because who does not love dance moves! :)

The Melodies songs and their curriculum have been featured at Agape International church in Los Angeles, Mind Valley summer experience in Croatia, and with the WOW Learning Lab programs expanding into corporate family support very soon. 

Jeannine offers life coaching for women, moms, families, and kids on a one to one basis as well as through her curriculum programs including Adventures in Possibility and The Possibility Path for Parents.

She splits her time between the beaches she loves on Lake Michigan and the various tropical beaches that feed her soul (and need for sunshine) including Maui- Hawaii, LA and the Suncoast of Florida. 

Miss Jeannine loves being Aunt Jeannine to many nieces and nephews, as well as being "Miss Jeannine" to the children she teaches, cares for and entertains with The Melodies, Heart Centered Stories, and more! She spends a great deal of her time making crafts, designs and toy shopping for the kids in her life! (Because shopping for toys is fun!)

Creativity is the passion that runs through her days and each one of her adventures, moves and creations shows her heart. Her intuition has been her guide throughout her life and is now available for clients with these Personal Development programs and the brand new Miss Jeannine Show! (A passion project that's been in dreamland for eons of time and sooo excited to be able to bring to life on her Reward Music - Miss Jeannine site!)